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  • Reduce your training cost by 70%
  • Customized as per your company requirement
  • Your companies logo and branding
  • More flexible than classroom-based training
  • Interactive &  Travel-free
  • Unlike Web Based Training (WBT) No bandwidth limitations
  • Focused: Concentrate on the topics your employees need to learn
  • Easy reinforcement & assesment of skills and knowledge
Learn how to find more business, make a powerful, positive first impression, qualify prospects quickly and easily to determine how you can best meet their needs, give an impactful presentation, address client concerns and close for the business, then, build your business even more with referrals. A great overview of all the steps in the complete selling cycle Motivate your employees to increase their productivity and work quality. The average employees work at 50% of the level of productivity that they are capable of. That means that companies are throwing away billions of dollars every year. Motivation is the fuel that feeds employee productivity. Let Puneet & Sachin teach you how to raise your employee's motivation levels to full capacity. In this live recording of  Puneet Jindal 's classic seminar you'll see how he has inspired millions of people to forge a path to tremendous personal, professional and financial success. This stunning seminar sets Puneet apart as one of the most exciting, inspiring, and authentic motivators ever to take the stage. You'll discover the secret to getting everything you want in life, how to be paid more, how to shield yourself from negativism and feel better about your live--every day, and much more
You have the potential. But you need that powerful lift that can vault you over any obstacle: a winning attitude. Your talents and skills are inert without a winning self-image to activate them. "Attitude is more important than aptitude." Learn the importance of replacing bad habits with good habits, to meet challenges with assurance, to greet others with confidence and enthusiasm, and to achieve balance in your life Effective goal setting is one of the most important habits you can develop. It is the core skill for achieving success in your relationships, your health, and your profession, yet many of us never get around to doing it? In this fast-paced, entertaining session, Puneet & Sachin presents a proven system that takes the guesswork out of goal setting. If you know you need to get clear about your future, but haven’t yet clarified your vision, this program will give you the tools and motivation you need to get started now The most powerful and influential people in the world all have something in common: effective communication. Using the principles of powerful communication, they developed the ability to influence others in a profound way, all the while winning both respect and admiration. Effective communication extends beyond mere words. Body language, intention, positioning, and other factors play a significant part. Puneet & Sachin helps make the unconscious aspects of communication conscious for more effective communication.

Instant Rapport allows you to forge an immediate bond with anyone, anywhere. Nationally acclaimed communications expert, Puneet & Sachin, shares the same Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) techniques they have taught to fortune 500 executives, These remarkable secrets, will help you improve your personal and business relationships, win new clients, express yourself with dynamic clarity, and control the way people see you.

One of the most powerful sessions you’ll ever experience. You’ll actually go inside the mind of the prospect, and understand the process he has going on at a subconscious level. You must know what these dynamics are in order to deal with them in your recruiting pipeline.

Failure to address any of these will lower the percentages of qualified candidates who will join your team. You must address them all to achieve

Most people don't take the necessary time and effort to properly diagnose a problem before prescribing solutions. They immediately assume they understand someone else's condition. Puneet says, "communication is simply mutual understanding." Empathetic listening is reflecting what a person feels and says in your own words. It is NOT listening to advise, counsel, probe, judge, question or analyze.This complete teaching package includes , a live seminar session with Puneet & Sachin Jindal: Diagnose before you Prescribe

What keeps back people from action? Fear of the unknown and insecurity. When you help them become proficient, fear drops away and they get into action. And more importantly, effective results.

This session will teach you the four basic skill sets you must train all recruits on immediately. Then you’ll learn the three advanced skill sets to train as you groom your people for leadership roles in the organization

  • The formula for duplication;
  • What works versus what duplicates; and,
  • The six components you must have in your system to achieve maximum enrollments

 Go ahead, dream big dreams. Then, let Puneet & Sachin show you how to make all your dreams come true. It's not wishful thinking, it's the psychology of achievement. In this fast-paced, inspirational seminar, They presents clearly and precisely an outline for going beyond your dreams to accomplish every goal. You'll learn to develop your unique talents, practice the habits of achievers, work on the highest value tasks, overcome fear of failure, and become an unshakable optimist.

Hope gets people in the business, but only belief keeps them in the business. In this session you’ll learn how to build rock-solid belief on your team.

  • The income level you must get people to so they stay;
  • Two great belief-building resources;
  • Seven strategies for building belief;
  • Why you have to get uncomfortable; and,
  • How to do dream building that gets your team into action.
• Think Like a Millionaire, Be Money Magnet, Make money fast, get Rich , Be a Millionaire .
• Wining the money game & the path to financial freedom
• Reset your Money paradigm

The 80/20 formula for determining who you spend time with;

How to create boundaries instead of limits for yourself;

Field and leadership communication strategies;

How to handle crisis communication;

Setting up your event calendar;

Deploying your leaders;

Surviving enrollment plateaus; and,

The retailer model versus the big business model.


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