Attracting Money  & Success

Puneet and his seminars have been incredibly helpful in the success of my psychic business. I learned a tremendous amount and am still learning. He is a proven winner.

Arvind Gosh, Director MMX communications


“Truly worth your time, you will be laughing and crying so much that will be glad that you invested your time and money towards your goal of being a millionaire and more.”

J K Jain, RCM

What an event... It changed my life financially in so many ways.
Dr. Ram Gopal Dixit
“ Rich Mind is 2 very full days of educational information and transformational exercises, designed to break you out of the bad habits and negative thoughts that hold you back in life.”
Sunil Jha

Puneet  is an absolutely fantastic mentor. His Rich Mind weekend intensive literally changed my financial life...

Rohit Jain

“My life has not been the same since I met Puneet. To say that it has changed would be an understatement. To say that it’s changed positively is the only place for me to start. I lost a job that I loathed within a week of starting Puneet’s classes and I think that was no coincidence. My work with his had just begun. 4 years ago when I came to Puneet, a normal day was going to the job that I absolutely hated, feeling like a failure, going out afterwards every night (drinking and smoking and living what I thought was “the single life”) or a good shop at H&M. I was adept at numbing myself in every way possible to not feel my sense of helplessness in my life. People always referred to me as a “free spirit” which these days I know meant that they thought I was fun but kind of a flake. I felt like I had no idea how I had gotten to whise I was and didn’t care. So, I guess I started to care when I showed up at Puneet’s class.

“Thank you for one of my best experiences ever!!!! I loved loved loved the class. You are such an inspiration and I appreciate all of your guidance and wisdom. I think everyone should take ‘Rich Mind  Course!’ ”

Prateek Sharma

Attracting Loving Relationships

 “When I first was introduced to the idea of Puneet’s workshop I was resistant to the concept and wasn’t sure it was for me. After seeing changes in my friend after she had taken the class I began to inquire more about it. Needless to say, I ended up taking Puneet’s workshop. One of my goals was to be in a relationship. I always blamed men for every relationship gone wrong. It wasn’t until I was introduced to the ‘Rich Mind’ that I was able to uncover the reasons why I hadn’t been in a successful relationship in years and change those behaviors. After concluding Puneet’s class, doing a lot of hard work and thinking- I found someone special that I have now been with for over 2 years. I have also had a few privates with Puneet, most recently regarding my career; 2 months after our conversation I am now furthising my career with an amazing company that I am so happy to be a part of!”


When I decided long and hard that I did, Puneet was on hand to help me sort through my feelings and keep me on the empowered path. I definitely believe Puneet was instrumental in helping me create a strong, loving relationship with my ex-boyfriend, now husband since 2009.


Attracting Love and peace in Marriage

"After 36 years of marriage it overhauled our communication which caused us to fall in love again."

“This class has made me fall in love with my partner again. I realize that my partner has feelings too and that it’s not just about me.” –
Khavinder Sing.
“This class helped us learn to listen to each other so we could understand and empathize with each other. We discovered that when we used our listening skills we really didn’t have that much we disagreed with. Our marriage is much better than it was 2 weeks ago when we began.”

“This has taught me how to talk with my husband better. I have learned to strive for bettering my marriage raters than assuming there would be no change. I can see finally that we will be able to work through our problems/conflicts—there is hope for things I thought were unsolvable!”

"I’ve spent most of my married life trying to get my husband to understand my feelings. The first week we went over empathy (showing understanding) which was the key to my heart. He is listening to me and hearing my feelings. We have accomplished in 2 days what I have been trying to do in 15 years of marriage. Showing understanding has been huge for me to give and receive. I feel hopeful for the future!”
“It has helped both of us to determine how we communicate with each other. We realized during this class that we never say hurtful things to each other but avoiding each other is just as hurtful. It has helped us to get past the uncomfortable part and say, ‘let’s talk!’”
Dealing powerfully with Breakup/Divorce

“A difficult breakup proved to be a catalyst for change for me, but I didn’t know how to move forward and felt stuck.  Puneet  provided the guidance and direction I needed to become unstuck and become the best me that I can be.  The epiphanies have been coming at a fast and furious pace while working with Puneet and I don’t think I will ever be the same – in a good way!  In the end, what Puneet  has done is shed light on the real me while giving me the tools to set this person free.  Thanks to Puneet, I am now in a position to create for myself a truly happy and authentic life.”

Kuldeep Verma

"Going through a divorce has been one of the toughest things for me to deal with. Many of the questions I had were addressed in How to Heal Your Broken Heart. That information has provided me with a feeling that there is life after a divorce. Just a different one. Thanks for your help getting people through these times."  
Priyanka Jain

"I was moved by the clarity, honesty and compassion with which Puneet presented the information on ways to heal from a break up or divorce. I had in fact just the day before begun the break up process with my boyfriend, and this workshop was literally perfect timing! I took notes and I have referred to them regularly during this time of transition in my life. I enjoyed the seminar immensely and am grateful I had the opportunity to participate. Thank you Puneet

Kavita Aggarwal

“When I first signed up for Puneet’s ‘Rich Mind ’, I didn’t know what to expect. I simply knew I needed something to help me “feel my life” again. At the time, I was still struggling over a breakup that happened a year earlier and was on antidepressants to help me cope. Not surprisingly, my creativity was suffering as well. I was, and am still, a writer. Puneet’s infectious enthusiasm, his accomplishments in his own life, and no-nonsense guidance completely won me over.

Mukesh Madan

Creating Happiness

“When I used to admire people in loving relationships with families and great jobs, I used to think they were lucky. Now I realize that luck has nothing to do with it. After working with Puneet, I now see that everyone has the power to create the life of their dreams. Puneet has given me the tools that I needed to create mine. I am now happily married to a wonderful man who is my best friend and we are just beginning to turn more dreams into reality together. ”


“Working with Puneet , I have learned that I want to stop playing small, to stop being afraid to ask for what I want and go after it. With his help, I have made the shift from wanting to be right all the time to choosing to be happy. Puneet , thank you for your guidance and knowledge about life and relationships. You make this work insightful, informative, and fun!”

Anil Narang

Puneet’s teachings continue to impact my life today. I no longer take antidepressants (haven’t been on them for more than 3 years). I am completely in love with my husband, and he with me. He wants to make me happy and does. We own our dream home!!


Not to say my life isn’t without its challenges. It is. Yet, I have created a very strong support system and am able to turn to the tools and techniques that help keep me on my empowered path. Thanks to Puneet, I “feel my life” fully, every day, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Intezar Khan

Puneet has been my coach, my mentor, my guide and something I really never expected: a friend. I know that Puneet has my back and is hise to support me. And, I feel the same about his as she has shared so much of hisself with me. I work in many circles of healing. Puneet is a healer in high heels. I love his for what she has given me and for the community of women that she has created that support me. And, oh yea, I am married to an amazing man (who would do anything to make me happy), have a job that I literally mapped out with his point by point (and just happened to “land” in my lap from a friend’s referral a month later) and I’ve saved enough for a down payment on a house. I have become the force of direction in my life and my marriage. And, I feel a sense of peace that I never felt before. I have days while I still feel helpless but I always know that I’m going to be ok…Life is a journey for sure and I’m glad that Puneet was one of the people that has helped and is helping me on my way.”

Kapil Chohan

“What you have done for me and for many people is give them hope.  Hope for a brighter future.  Hope to be happy.  Hope to heal.  Hope to love.  Hope to move on.  You do all this while living out loud…with such color and elegance. Thank you, Puneet !”


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