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Goal setting and Feedback

 Duration : 3 hours.

Goal Setting and Feedback is critical if you are to constantly improve your personal performance, your employees' performance and the performance of your company overall. Goal Setting keeps you focused forward towards constant improvement. This course covers specific steps on setting effective goals with employees and teams. Also explains the best approaches for providing positive feedback and providing constructive negative feedback.

·         Explain the critical steps for effective Goal Setting

·         Describe the best way to provide positive feedback

·         Outline an approach for providing other's with negative, or constructive feedback.

·         Set effective goals for their employees

·         Provide effective and timely feedback to their employees

·         Complete a case study describing goal setting at multiple levels in a company.

·         Complete an application exercise to apply these concepts on-the-job.


Empowerment and Motivation

  Duration : 2 hours.

As a manager or supervisor one of your most challenging responsibilities is to keep your employees motivated to do the best job they can. The key for managers is the ability to assess motivational levels and to understand what he/she can do to motivate–or at least avoid de-motivating an employee. Through this course you will be able to:

·         Explain the impact of motivation on an employee's performance.

·         Describe some of the factors under a manager's control that can influence an employee's motivation.

·         Describe the impact low motivation can have on an employee's performance and what it can cost your business.

·         Apply a simple model for motivating employees

·         Use a survey for assessing morale in their organization

·         Describe actions/behaviours that typically motivate/de-motivate employees

·         Develop specific initiatives a company/manager can use to motivate employees

·         Complete a case study of how one organization implemented a program designed to improve motivation/morale.

·         Complete an application exercise to apply these concepts on-the-job.

 Team Building Skills

Duration : 3 hours.

Group / Team dynamics can exert a powerful influence on the productivity and motivation of employees. If you as a manager or supervisor know how to anticipate and react to those dynamics you can increase your employees’ productivity while decreasing money and time lost on interpersonal problems. This course describes what constitutes a team, techniques for managers to assess the level of "teamwork" and cooperation among their staff and it provides simple techniques to promote team building. Through this course you will be able to:

·         describe the stages a team will cycle through as it faces a new challenge or changes in its membership

·         Complete case studies which illustrate productive and unproductive teams

·         Explain what a manager or supervisor can specifically do to escort a group through each stage of team development

·         Describe different "roles" team members may play and why they're important

·         Use a team assessment tool to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your team(s)


Duration : 2 hours.

From the sports arena to the shop floor or office cubicle, by far one of the most essential skills that a leader can have is the ability to coach others. It should come as no surprise that excellent managers and supervisors are also excellent coaches. They ensure that each individual’s development is aligned with the Organization and the department/team vision and goals. The most effective way to do this is by employing highly effective and structure coaching practices. This course will help you to enhance your effectiveness as a coach. Through this course you will be able to:

·         Describe what it means to “coach” your employees

·         Identify what an effective coach does

·         Use a structured process to increase the effectiveness of your coaching activities

·         Understand coaching and goal setting

·         Assess and track performance improvement

 Listen Up! – How to Really Listen

Duration : 2 hours.

Effective communication is crucial to the success of any business. Listening is often the forgotten communication skill. It's assumed that if we can hear – we can listen. But listening is a choice. If not exercised properly you severely hamper your ability to communicate effectively with coworkers and others. Through this course you will be able to:

·         Describe the basic rules for listening and speaking so it's easy for others to listen

·         Explain some of the barriers to effective listening that can be avoided

·         Describe the different types of listening styles and how they impact our interpretation of what we hear

·         Apply a proven technique for handling situations when you haven't got time to listen

·         Identify how to handle situations where it seems the other person isn't listening

·         Assess your listening skills

 Managing Conflict

Duration : 2 hours.

Without a doubt, the most damaging, counterproductive dynamic in the workplace is conflict. Not just any conflict, but personal conflict. Largely because it's so common. You just can't put groups of people together and expect them to always play nice. A little conflict can be a productive catalyst for some groups to take action or to reexamine decisions and their work environment. But if left unattended it will likely spread like a weed. The impact conflict can have on productivity, morale and turnover is staggering. As a manager you need to know how to manage both. This course provides techniques and tips for managing conflict effectively. Through this course you will be able to:

·         Define two types of workplace conflict

·         Describe situations with the potential for conflict

·         Explain techniques for addressing conflict

·         Complete mini case studies that illustrate conflict in the workplace

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