Most of us were never taught how to win the money game and if we were,
most likely we were taught by people who weren't very good at it.

Is your MIND PROGRAMED to make you MONEY or REPEL it?

If your finances, your career or your life in general are not where you want them to be, donít blame your education,
your boss, your parents, luck, IQ or your failed investments. Blame your mental and emotional relationshiop to money.
Better still stop the blame game! instead, change your money paradigm.

So what is your, MONEY PARADIGM
set for? Are youset for success, mediocrity
or failure, ease or struggle?

You must adjust the internal money paradigm that has governed your financial outlook all your life so far.
Each of us has a personal money paradigm ingrained in our unconscious mind. And it is this paradigm that will determine your financial life.Unfortunately, your current money paradigm will stay with you forever unless you identify and change it. That's exactly what we'll do for you at the extraordinary Rich mind events. These events have changed the lives of more than a million people. And they will change your life too.

Think like a Millionaire, Be a Money
Magnet, Make Money Fast, Get Rich, Be a

-- and make it easy and fun?

The Rich Mind Workshop is based on the AFFLUENTIX: The secret science of abundance.
AFFLUENTIX reveals the most powerful laws and teachings of the universe which all truly great wealthy and rich people used in their lives. AFFLUENTIX consists of a 5 secret laws, 35 powerful distinctions, 4 transformational techniques cognized and enriched by our keen insight and knowledge. This knowledge allows participants to discover their own potential and manifest it in the real world. AFFLUENTIX leads to transformation of the inner world. And once you become the master of your inner world, it is just a matter of time when you would be winning the external game of money as well. Without exception, these techniques dramatically restore the life energy; eliminate deep rooted engraved memories, remove constraints from the past, transforms any weakness or suffering into strength thereby infusing money in abundance, prosperity, good health, loving relationships, bliss, power and perfect peace.

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